Simple Home Remedies For Dry Cough

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Dry Cough Home Remedy Guide 

Coughing is a common health problem and having a dry cough can be really annoying. It is often characterized by an itchy throat, congestion and chest pain. In most cases people prefer over the counter cough syrups, but it is possible to make dry cough home remedies by using ingredients readily available in your kitchen. These home remedies for dry cough are better and far more tasty than most cough syrups. Below are a few home remedies for dry cough you can try out.

5 Simple Home Remedies For Dry Cough

1. Gargle with salt water: The easiest home remedy for a dry cough is to gargle with warm salty water. The salty water helps ease the discomfort caused by the dry cough. This natural solution for dry cough uses the principle of osmosis to make a person feel better. Gargling also helps to remove the irritants in the throat thus being an effective solution for dry cough.

2. Hot milk with honey: This is another effective example of home remedies for dry cough. Hot milk with honey helps reduce chest pains that are caused by continuous coughing. To get better results from this home remedy drink it before going to bed. To get even better results take a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach. The honey acts as the perfect remedy for a dry cough due to its antibacterial characteristics that helps shorten the duration of the cough. It also helps soothe the throat.

3. Thyme tea: This is an effective home remedy for a dry cough. The thyme in the tea has substances that help relax the respiratory tract. It also relaxes the muscles of the trachea and bronchi and opens up the airways and increases comfort. In place of thyme tea a person can also make licorice tea. This is also a perfect natural method to treat dry cough. It soothes the airways, loosens and thins mucous, and eases congestion. It also reduces any inflammation on your throat that may be irritating. These are among the most effective dry cough home remedies.

4. Pepper and honey: Black pepper can be used to make a perfect remedy for a dry cough. The pepper eases the chest congestion. When combined with honey which has antibacterial properties it makes the pepper less irritating. Make this dry cough remedy by placing the pepper and honey in a mug and cover with hot water and stir so the pepper flakes and honey dissolves.

5. Ginger peppermint syrup: The ginger in the syrup helps stop the tickle at the back of the throat. It also triggers a cough if experiencing a dry cough. The peppermint on the other hand helps reduce the irritation caused by a cough. You can also cure a dry cough at home by using ginger alone. This can be done by crushing the ginger and boil it with some water. Lemon juice and honey can also be added to it to make a cure for dry cough.

More Dry Cough Home Remedies 

The above mentioned are just but a few home remedies for dry cough. Some other dry cough home remedies that can be used are lemons, carrot juice, cayenne, grapes, and almonds. These home remedies solutions are indeed very effective and you may find them better than over the counter cough syrup. They are also cheaper. Feel free to try out the above home remedies next time a dry cough bothers you.

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