Natural Home Remedies For Killing Weeds

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Get Rid Of Weeds Permanently With Natural Home Remedies  

Sometimes, weeds can be the bane of any home owner’s existence, particularly the mutant-like weeds that appear to be immortal. Allowing the problem with the weeds to become uncontrollable can cause destruction to your garden and lawn. Besides, if you allow the weeds to grow big, their roots can in fact crack the concrete in your pavement or driveway. Using effective home remedies to get rid of weeds can help save you worries and money in the long run. Here are some natural and quite effective home remedies for killing weeds.

5 Natural Home Remedies For Killing Weeds 

1. Boiled water: This is one of the most highly effective and affordable home remedies to get rid of weeds. In fact, boiled water is far more effective than most weed killers bought in stores and can help you get rid of unwanted vegetation. All you need to do is boil water and then pour it directly on the weeds you want to kill. However, this method isn’t selective. It will practically kill everything it touches, even the plants you wish to keep around. This approach is great for killing the weeds in driveways and sidewalks.

2. Salt: Salt was once used to clear the fields of enemies while at war. The reason behind this is that salt can kill plants and also make the ground unsuitable for any plant growth in the future. However, you should make sure you use this method correctly, since it can also get rid of everything around the weeds. Salt can be used to effectively kill the irritating weeds in your driveway or sidewalk, or in places where grass and other needed plants aren’t anywhere close. You can also use this home remedy for weed eradication to kill the thicker and longer-rooted weeds that you cannot pull out by yourself. Simply dig down a bit right next to the weed’s root, and then fill the hole with salt. The weed will die very quickly and it will most likely not grow back.

3. Vinegar: Vinegar is a wonderful organic homemade pesticide. You can either use cider or white vinegar for this purpose. Applying vinegar directly to the weeds will help kill them within their initial two weeks of life. This is because the acetic acid in the vinegar will work to kill only the weed’s leaves but not its root. Vinegar will kill any weed but works more effectively on the young plants, since they don’t have sufficient energy stored in their roots to enable them to regrow their leaves. If you apply vinegar onto a more established weed several times, the weed will ultimately use up its stored energy and die.

4. Alcohol: Alcohol works by drawing water out of the weed and helping it evaporate fast. However, this method only helps kill the weeds that grow in direct sunlight. It won’t work in shade. Also, alcohol isn’t selective. It will practically kill any vegetation it touches. The most preferred alcohol for this method is vodka.

5. Corn meal: This is also one of the non-selective home remedies for killing weeds. Corn meal doesn’t actually kill weeds, it simply stops their seeds from developing. Corn Gluten is a pre-emergent. In simple terms, it means that it’s a seed birth control. If you scatter corn meal around an area, it will prevent any seed in that particular area from ever growing into a plant, and that includes the weed seed and the desirable plant’s seed. This approach is best for areas that you intend to plant grown plants in.

Combining Natural Home Remedies For Killing Weeds

To reap even more benefits, you can combine most of these home remedies to get rid of weeds so as to produce super results. For instance, you can mix boiling water with salt or vinegar, or even both to produce a powerful weed killer. Use common sense when you’re combining chemicals to ensure there aren’t adverse reactions.

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