10 Useful Lemon Home Remedies

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 Using Lemons As Home Remedies  

There are so many home remedies using lemon that can be used around the house, ranging from brightening the laundry to polishing stainless steel. The citric acid found in lemon juice gives it strong natural cleaning abilities and it can also be used for natural health and beauty. Using lemon home remedies around your house and for your personal health is the most effective and safest way to have a clean home and a healthy life.

Top 10 Useful Lemon Home Remedies  

1. Lemon for diarrhea: Simply take the juice from three lemons, dilute it in 1.5 litres of water, and then mix it with a little sugar and a pinch of salt. This lemon home remedy is ideal when you are suffering from a non-infectious diarrhea.

2. Skin care: Soak a cotton ball in diluted lemon juice and apply it on your face. Allow it to stay on your face for about ten minutes and then rinse it with cool water. The lemon juice will act as a natural astringent and a toner. The citric acid in the lemon will also help exfoliate your skin.

3. Repelling insects: It has been proven scientifically that insects are highly sensitive to the smell of lemon. So, squirting some lemon juice into the cracks along your window sills will help repel insects such as fleas, ants, and spiders.

4. Lemon for hypertension: A daily intake of lemon juice can adequately regulate your blood pressure. It has been proven that starting your day with a simple lemon juice is ideal for cleansing your body and helping with blood circulation and blood pressure.

5. Deodorizing your home: Soak some cotton balls in pure lemon juice and place them in the fridge after you’ve removed any odor-causing food. You can also run some lemon peels through your garbage disposal so as to have a fresh smelling bin. Also, remove the smells of onions, garlic or any other smell by first applying some lemon juice before you wash with soap and water.

6. Lemon for mouth and throat infections: This fruit has antibacterial properties, prevents bacterial colonies, and also raises your natural defenses. Furthermore, the vitamin C in lemon can also help treat mouth and throat infections.

7. Weight loss: It’s common for people who are trying to lose weight to start their day with a simple smoothie that provides them with the right nutrients and gives them enough energy to last them until lunch, and the good thing about it is that it’s easy to include lemons in smoothies; simply just add half a lemon to a mango, apple, spinach smoothie and you have a wonderfully refreshing drink. You can also include lemon in fresh juices.

8. Hair care: For a long time, women have used the lemon juice for shiny hair highlights. To use this juice on your hair, first mix half a cup of the juice with one cup of warm water. Apply the mixture to your hair and then sit in the sun. Rinse your hair later with warm water. Rinsing your hair with this mixture after shampooing will also help do away with the build-up of dandruff.

9. General cleaning: To produce a lemon home remedy for this purpose, mix one part of lemon juice with ten parts of water and use the mixture for cleaning coffee pots, ceramic surfaces, windows and even mirrors. You can also mix the juice with box powder, salt, or baking soda and use the mixture to scrub and deodorize your bathroom surfaces.

10. Removing grease from surfaces: This is one of the commonly known uses of lemon home remedies. To remove grease from your pans, pots, counter tops and even appliances, dilute lemon juice in water and then use the solution to clean the items. For the more difficult jobs that need a lot of scrubbing, simply squeeze the juice from half a lemon and then mix it with half a teaspoon of salt.

There are several uses for lemon home remedies and using these homemade lemon solutions is the easiest and most cost-effective way to guarantee a clean and environmentally friendly home.

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